At MULIA we direct a portion of funds earned at performances and through other fundraising efforts toward ensuring our young program participants can pay their school fees and continue their educations. Each year we directly support more than 60 young people (and indirectly more than 100) to stay in school. This program is a collaboration between MULIA, the parents of MULIA kids, and local schools. Funds are provided to students on a family-by-family basis.

Sponsorship Program

Mulia works together with parents and schools to ensure that direct beneficiaries access affordable quality education through joint sponsorship towards their school fees and school requirements annually. You can support a child by matching their educational saving account at Mulia for upcoming year.

Marko Lukooya Memorial Community Library

MULIA also provides a safe space for reading and writing at Marko Lukooya Memorial Community Library. This facility boasts a collection of over one thousand fiction and non-fiction books available for anyone in the community borrow for free. In addition, the library is home to the MULIA tech hub, a functional and expanding computer lab offering people in our rural community with opportunities to learn about and harness the power of computer technology and the Internet. Computer classes are one of MULIA’s income-generating activities.

Outreach/Inclusion Programs

MULIA’s outreach programs incorporate a range of activities with a variety of populations. For example, within our surrounding area are two schools for the blind: Sir Appolo Kagwa SS and Salama School for the Blind. We engage with these schools to ensure their students can continue learning despite any individual challenges they might face. We believe this is a powerful step toward maintaining their inclusion in their communities.