Performing Arts

Music and the performing arts are at the heart of our programing. Our musical activities include preserving and promoting local culture and by performing traditional music and dance. We also encourage creativity, innovation, and agency by learning modern instruments and genres. We practice music and dance weekly. We also host Voice Power competitions and exhibit our accomplishments at our annual Charity Concert for Education. We are available year-round to perform at public and private events. Performances are one of our income-generating activities.


MULIA’s outreach programs incorporate a range of activities with a variety of populations. For example, within our surrounding area are two schools for the blind: Sir Appolo Kagwa SS and Salama School for the Blind. We engage with these schools to ensure their students can continue learning despite any individual challenges they might face. We believe this is a powerful step toward maintaining their inclusion in their communities. Finally, we are available to visit schools to teach music and dance so children outside of our service area can learn from their peers.

Annual Charity Concert

The MULIA Charity concert for education is an initiative for local annual fundraiser for the organization to contribute towards education for the youth and children. Since 2017 Mulia performs to the public in a fundraiser. Tickets, tables, well-wishers donate funds towards the educational fund at every end of the year.

Dance of hope

At MULIA we like to dream big. We have gained experience performing in and around Uganda. We dream of one day soon being able to perform around Africa and abroad. We believe this tour will be a wonderful way for MULIA’s children and youth to learn about the world outside while sharing the culture of Uganda. We anticipate the Dance of Hope Tour could become an annual event, taking one or more months to complete depending on how far and wide we find interest in our performances. We believe our performances will be especially in demand in countries where culture from Africa is less commonplace. We envision offering free performances in schools where our children and youth can interact and learn from each other. We also plan to provide paid performances in other venues such as churches, community centers and concert halls. By selling tickets to performances at such venues and welcoming local volunteers to participate, we aim to make this tour self-sustaining.

COVID-19 has complicated our ability to get this tour off the ground, but we believe by 2024 we will be embarking on the very first Dance of Hope Tour. To Host a tour in the USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, or any part of Africa, contact us at today!