Growing up in rural Uganda, children are often assigned garden work as a form of discipline for misbehavior. They think of it as a punishment. This, while 95% of households in our community depend on small-scale agriculture to make ends meet. At MULIA, we help to reframe farming for our young participants by emphasizing its benefits in terms of entrepreneurship and sustainability. We encourage MULIA kids to plant gardens at home and encourage their participation in gardening at the MULIA Center. They cultivate pride in their work as they learn about seed cycle, community food silos, and environmental protection methods. Produce harvested feeds families and surplus can be sold at market.

Street Business School

A village without an income will always strive to seek support. With the help of our partner, Street Business School, we infuse entrepreneurial skills into our community, teaching people to create and sustain business activity to support their own families. Street Business School provides a six-month course that teaches topics including how to start small, find capital, manage money, brand, market products and services, and provide customer care. People take pride when they learn they can start their own small business and support themselves and their families.

Educational Saving Scheme

Every child with help of their parents save onto their educational account for the upfront coming year. Funds on this saving scheme are kept for the educational costs for the year ahead. MULIA foundation matches funds saved by each child with help of their parents to support their education. In our sponsorship plan. You can help a child save for his or her education on our weekly saving routines. Would you like to save with a child? Visit here to select from our beneficiary whom you would like to save for.

Youth Led Club

Ever since 2014 MULIA has worked with over 100 children from age of 3 to 14 years, and most of the children the organization started with, have turned into powerful youth. This is another stage where MULIA attention is needed most in terms of supporting youth hood activities for becoming responsible citizens. From this back ground, MULIA is seeking for support from Komo Learning centers with its experience in creating and developing youth led clubs to support in the development of a YOUTH LED CLUB at MULIA foundation. We intend to make the first batch of youth trainee as well as trainers for continuity after Komo learning centers supporting the development of the Youth led club at MULIA.